How to automate your Pinterest without Tailwind

When I first started blogging I didn’t have a bunch of money to spend on systems like Tailwind and as much as tools like that can be helpful sometimes you need to save the money for a bit first. Add to that a daily to-do list longer then most people tackle in a week and I understand why many people look at me like I have three heads when I discuss my task list.

Just a quick background, I’ve been an Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant in various capacities for more than 10 years. And I regularly reported to 4 or more bosses and had more tasks on my plate then I actually had time for. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about some key programs that help me automate or simplify tasks that repeat throughout my day, week or month to ensure everything gets done.

So the question became, how do I automate Pinterest without Tailwind? The first thing I noticed when looking at Pinterest was that I spent a lot of time just getting pins into Pinterest. Now to be clear I’m not talking about the generation of content for pins, I’m talking about the clickety-click-click time suck process that always seemed to take longer and longer every time I sat down to it. If you want to know how I took that off my plate check out How I create pins using Trello.

The next thing I saw was that I spent a LOT of time pinning to Pinterest so A) my pins ended up in multiple boards and B) I had a good mix of other people’s pins in my boards. The first part I tackled was getting MY Pins into Pinterest first. The Template I use is, of course, available for free download.

So I started looking for ways to save time on getting my pins into Pinterest in the first place. and came up with the start of what you are going to learn here. After about a year of use and upgrading to Tailwind for the bulk of my pinning, I still use this method to get my pins INTO Pinterest for multiple accounts.

Most of the time when people look to save time they often debate on delegating to crazy busy stuff to someone else like a Virtual Assistant, and if that is your aim feel free to get in touch with me I’d be happy to quote you. A good Virtual Assistant is worth their weight in Gold.

I totally understand not having the Gold to pay for it so what I’m going to show you will get you started with building your own Automated Virtual Assistant to delegate stuff like pinning to so you can focus on your money makers.

What to expect in this post

This is NOT a “How to get started with Pinterest as a blogger post” if you are just starting out as a blogger I would recommend you check out Dare To Conquer it’s a complete package about how to do that and build an online Empire.

It’s important to note that while this method takes some time to set up, it is worth it. I’ve done my best to simplify and break down the instructions but if you have questions or get stuck you are welcome to Email Me. I’ve spent hours working out this system so you don’t have to, and I’ve built a solid template that you can get started with as well.

Getting Started

Or you can create your own Trello Board and add the following columns to start with

Ready to Pin

Pin this Now

A list for each board you want to pin to. (see Setting up Pinterest Boards in Trello for how to automate assigning which board a pin will go to)

Note* you may want to add an “Inbox” list as well so you can dump potential pins into that column to be assigned to a board.

I don’t recommend pinning to all your boards via Trello, there is the potential for it to get out of control and seriously slow down your Trello and productivity. I would suggest keeping it to a small number of boards that you want to pin your pins to. So for instance with this blog I pin to my Trello, board regularly from my own blog so it makes sense to pin to that one. My Graphics design board gets less love so I don’t have it in my chain of boards I can pin to from Trello.

Tell Zapier to what to Pin…

So if you’ve followed along with all the other posts so far about How to Create Pins in Trello, and How to Set up Pinterest Boards in Trello you should have a couple of pins that are ready to go and sitting in your “Ready to Pin” list. Go ahead and drop one of those cards over into the list “Pin this Now” then jump into Zapier.

Setting Up the Pinning Trigger:

  • Click the orange button “Make a Zap!”
  • Select Trello from the Available Apps
  • click “show less common options”
  • select “Card Moved to List” then “Save + Continue”
  • select your Trello account & hit “Save + Continue”
  • Under Board select the board you will be pinning from
  • Under list select “Pin this Now”
  • leave the card field blank & hit “Continue”

This should pull in information from the card you dropped into the list earlier.

Setting up the Pinning Action:

  • Select Pinterest from available apps
  • Select “Create Pin” (it’s your only option)
  • Connect & test your Pinterest account
  • Now for the details……..
    • Board = Use a Custom Value (advanced)
      • in the new line that pops up underneath search for “Card Labels Name” (it should be the number we applied to the card earlier in the lighter colored text)
      • This option lets us pin to any board so long as we have a label with the name of our board ID # on it (and only it, if you have multiple labels when pinning it will think all the label names are 1 board ID so keep it to one ID label per card)
    • Under Image = Card Attachment
    • Note = Card Desc
    • Link = Card Name (in the photo mine shows as “no data” but your link should show up)

Hit Continue & test your Zap.

Did it work?

Once you send the test you should get a green bar across the screen confirming that all is good. If there is an error message just follow Zapier’s instructions on troubleshooting and you will be good to go.

Now head on over and take a look at your new pin on Pinterest (you may need to refresh your browser for it to show up).

Congratulations you have officially pinned your first Pin via Trello!

Setting up your schedule

Now from here you have 2 choices, 1) when you want to pin something you can drag and drop a card in to the “Pin this Now” list or 2) you can set butler to move cards into the “pin it now” list at set times of the day.

Personally, I find I don’t remember to go into each and every board and move pins over daily and that kinda defeats the purpose of automating your Pinning. SO here is how I set up my schedule.

Pull up your Trello Board and go into the Butler Power UP then click “Calendar” and “+ Add Command”

From the first screen, you encounter select the first option that says “every day” and if you want to set a time click on the clock to do so. Then click the “+” to the right to set your trigger.

*Note* you can set any kind of frequency here that you want, and I recommend playing with it a bit to see what you like. I use every day at a set time 3 times a day but not everyone wants to pin 3 times a day.

*Account Limits to note* Zapier’s free account only permits 100 actions in the space of 4 weeks, which means that if you are using it for pinning that you could do about 3 pins a day without going over. Or set up multiple accounts and multiple lists in your trello board for each one to ensure you don’t ever run out of actions for the pinning you want to do.

For my example I’ve selected every day at 3:15pm.

Then in the options available select the 2 arrows tab.

Using the 4th option from the top set it to say “Move” “1” randomly-selected cards from list “Ready to Pin” to list “Pin this Now” (changing anything in quotations that you have named differently. And hit the “+” directly to the right of it. It will look like this.

Then hit “Save”

Repeate this as many times as you need to get as many pinning slots done as you want/need.

Sit back and relax

Once it’s all set up and you have a que of pins ready to go out you can sit back and relax, enjoying the fruits of your labor with out having to labor every second of every day.

Of course if you don’t want to set this up yourself you can hire me to set it up for you.