Ok, so you’ve gotten set up to put the pins moving into Trello by using How to stop wasting time and automate your Pinterest (Part 1)  The email is formatted and sent! 🙂 You are awesome and on your way to never worrying about this again!  But we have a few more steps to set up before we are done and no longer need to worry about our new Pins.

As we proceed I’m going to give instructions like you are setting up from scratch, so if I tell you to put a card into your “Butler” list in Trello, it will be there in some form if you are using Niche Template Board, even though I’m working with the template throughout this walk-through.

First lets head into Trello & find your niche board, (for the rest of this instruction I’ll be using the Template you can download from my Free Resource Library)

Automating Trello with Butler

Go ahead and invite Butler for Trello by clicking the symbol to the right of your initials after the Board Name.  There should be a pop-up that shows up & looks like this

Go ahead and type in Butler Bot (butlerbot), the first thing that pops up should be the one you are looking for and has a little blue logo, just click on the name & you will have invited your own personal Butler.

If you are building your own board from scratch this will create a brand new list called “Butler”, if you are using one copied from me it will just add a new card at the top of the existing list that says “Instructions”

Now if you are using the board from my resource library then there are a number of cards already in the Butler list.  These are various instructions I have and use to keep my writing and posting organized.   I’m not going to go through all of them here but you will want to look at the ones with a Red Label on them as they are the ones we will be using to automate your New Pins.  Like I said above, when I suggest adding a card these may already be in the list.

So after you send the email you should have a new card in the “Inbox – Pins” if you click on it (opens it) you should see something like on the right.

If you put a date at the begging of the Subject line we will want that to pop into our “Due Date” on the card.   To make this happen you can go to the “Instructions” card in the butler list and let it walk you through setting up/figuring out how to play with it.  Or you can just copy and paste the following into a new card in the list for yourself.

when a card is added to list “Inbox – Pins”, for each card in list “Inbox – Pins” with a name that starts with a date, and set due on the date, and remove the matched text

Now we want to have a label added to the card for the Pinterest board we are going to pin it to.  So open your Pinterest & find a board you want to pin this pin to (any board will do and this works with Group Boards as well) so long as it is part of the niche you using this board for.  & grab the URL from your web browser.

Now the simplest way to get your board ID is to head on over to Nutt.net (click this link it’s easier) paste your URL into the box just below the Pinterest logo & hit “Get Board ID”.  If you get a Pop up that says it only works with dot Com just change you dot ca or dot whatever to dot com & hit the button again.  Keep this browser open & head back to Trello.

copy this into a new card in your “Butler” list

when a card is added to list “Inbox – Pins”, add the orange “#######################” label to the card

Go back and grab your Board ID & replace the ####################### with the ID for your board.  If you want to you can also update the label colour to anything, this line shows it as orange, but you also have options for green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, sky, lime, pin, black and None (for none just don’t put a colour in)

Awesome, your pin is ready to pin now.  So lets send it to our Pinterest Scheduling Board….

But wait, what about the due date we put in on the card you say….. So you need to add another card to your “Butler” list with the following.

every day at 1:00 am, for each card in list “Inbox – Pins” with a due date, and move the card to list “Dated” on board “Blog – Pinterest”

I set it to run at 1am, because I’m sleeping at that time so I don’t need to worry about this running while I’m doing something else.  And Butler won’t run a command triggered by another command you already gave it.  This way you are guaranteed to have the pins dump over the the Pinning board every day at the same time.

you will also want to add the following

every day at 1:20 am, for each card in list “Inbox – Pins”, and move the card to list “Niche” on board “Blog – Pinterest”

Just replace the word “Niche” with the list name you want these pins heading to.  Note you want this 2nd command to run AFTER the first so you don’t accidentally move all the dated ones into the same list as the random pins.

So go a head and send your pin on over to the Pinterest board & put it in the Niche list that is appropriate manually, we need a sample card in our outbound list for later.  & Head on over to the Pinterest board to start scheduling.  Start by Inviting Butler Bot to this board like we did with the first.   When you are done you should see something like this.

Here you want to add the following cards to your Butler list.

the moment a card in list “Dated” is due, for each card in list “Inbox – Pins” with a due date, and move the card to list “Pin this now”

2nd Card:

every day at 1:00 am, move 1 randomly-selected cards from list “Niche” to list “Pin this now”

You’ll also want to figure out how often you want pins to go out from here and update the time they go out.   Just make sure you update the time (in red) to the time you want the pins pinned.  And the # of pins (in green) based on your needs.

If you REALLY want to play with it, then you can also set Butler to move pins with a specific label on a certain day of the week.  For a while I had a “Theme” Day for everything I did, Self-Care Posts?  Published on a Tuesday day, Pinned on a Tuesday, FB on a Tuesday …. Mental Health? Wednesday… I think you get the drift.

Here is where if you want to re-name your board or lists to something else I would recommend you do it.  In the next step we will be setting up the sending to Pinterest and it will be important to have a clear indication of what is where in Trello for you.  You will be able to update them later as well, I just find that sometimes it ends up confusing Zapier and then disconnects the actions I want done and I have to go in and change things anyway.

And a Pinning we will go….Trello Trigger Set up

Now that we have the scheduling done, lets head on over to Zapier.com to make the pins go to Pinterest!  And start a new Zap same as in How to stop wasting time and automate your Pinterest (Part 1).  Only this time you want your trigger to be Trello instead of Google Drive.

  • select the option “Card Moved to List” (you may need to click on the “Show less frequently used” link at the bottom of the screen to find it)
  • Set up and test your Trello account if you haven’t used them together before. (Even though I’ve set up and tested mine I always test them again at this step to ensure they are still working)
  • Hit Continue
  • Select the board you are pinning from in the drop down (Blog – Pinterest or as I have it labeled here OWM – Marketing Calendar)
  • Select the List to pin from in the drop down (Pin this Now)
  • leave the Card as any card.

It should look like the above.

Hit “Continue” and get your sample for starting the next stage.

Setting up the Pinning Action:

  • Select Pinterest from available apps
  • Select “Create Pin” (it’s your only option)
  • Connect & test your Pinterest account
  • Now for the details……..
    • Board = Use a Custom Value (advanced)
      • in the new line that pops up underneath search for “Card Labels Name” (it should be the number we applied to the card earlier in the lighter colored text)
      • This option lets us pin to any board so long as we have a label with the name of our board ID # on it (and only it, if you have multiple labels when pinning it will think all the label names are 1 board ID so keep it to one ID label per card)
    • Under Image = Card Attachment
    • Note = Card Desc
    • Link = Card Name (in the photo mine shows as “no data” but your link should show up)

Hit Continue & test your zap.

Did it work?

Once you send the test you should get a green bar across the screen confirming that all is good.  If there is an error message just follow Zapier’s instructions on troubleshooting and you will be good to go.

Now head on over and take a look at your new Pin on Pinterest (you may need to refresh your browser).

Congratulations You have officially pinned your first Pin via Trello!

Some things to think about….

Trello is a GREAT program to organize so much more than just your pinning.   At the moment I use it to handle all my Social Media and Pinning new pins totally hands-free.  I’ll also introduce you to my crazy busy editorial board for all the inspiration you need to build and grow great content in your blog.  And another way to set up the pinning process directly from it.   Honestly, I totally use Trello to organize everything, so you are also going to get a sneak peek at my “Organize Your Digital Life” boards and a whole host of tips and tricks to make life easier and less tedious.

Boards can get a bit big before I realized exactly what was all happening in my Trello boards I used to just pin (using the method in this post) and leave it at that.  Then one day I went in and found that my boards were loading SO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY.  Yeah, turns out like any filing system, lots of files (or Cards) can slow down how quickly Trello works for you, this, in turn, slows down our butler.  I recommend you post the following  in your butler list

As I show you the boards I use and how important they are to me I’ll be updating my list of boards you can copy from my free resource library, which you can get here:

every day at 3:00 am, for each card in list “Inbox – Pins” with a due date, and move 10 randomly-selected cards from list “Pin this Now” to list “Inbox” on board “Pinterest Back up Library”

This way it will essentially clean out your pinned pins into a library (there are tonnes of ways to sort this & I’ll go over how to automate “refreshing pins” from this library another time. But this way you won’t bog down your Butler.

Did you know you can also Bullet Journal with Trello?  I carry a Bullet Journal with me EVERYWHERE! I love it for on the go quick access & “at a glance” weekly goals and planning (check out Smart Goals, How I set up and use Smart Weekly Goals for how I use it on the regular).  When I started using the 2 together life just got SO MUCH MORE SIMPLE.  And I’m going to pass along all the tricks to you….

Zapier is a great way to connect multiple apps together, when you sign up you get a free 14 day trial with all the bells and whistles.  But after that, you are restricted to 100 zaps per 4 weeks.  There is nothing stopping you from creating multiple Zapier accounts to keep the “Free Ride” going, but then you need to move all the zaps over every single time.  So you could just keep it under the 100 or upgrade your account (it’s worth it after all) and get so much more.

IFTTT.com this is another online automaton program similar to Zapier, but I find has slightly fewer options on what it can do, but it is worth it to note that it integrates with many of the same apps and can be used in auto posting things to Social Media and Trello direct from Word Press (Zapier works with Word Press as well). IFTTT is also free, you just might need to tweak the “recipes” they have until you get the effect you are looking for.

Buttler for Trello This is the ONE thing I could NOT do without, when you see how my newest Editorial board works you are going to want to upgrade (seriously it’s $10/month cheap as borscht and takes so much off my plate) it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.

Tailwind is an online app that helps with scheduling pins on Pinterest.  Rather then making new cards for each cool pin I see in Pinterest I use the Tailwind Chrome Extension to add pins I want to share to my que.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

The Content

So all this really great and easy ways to pin new content to Pinterest is all well and good, but what do you do if you don’t have the content or worse you have bad content?  Personally, I go back time and time again to the BBC – 12 Day Boot CampBBC (Billionaire Blog Club) is a GREAT resource for bloggers, both new to blogging and experienced pros, and this Boot Camp gave me the best insight into what I was getting into with blogging when I was just starting out.

The founder @Scrivs is pretty awesome and extremely helpful and doesn’t sugar coat it, from having access to ask him questions directly in #Slack to email he really has built up this great community around and with blogging. And it’s not like you are learning from a newbie either in his post How I Made $76,139.03 This Month Blogging from Home he talks about how long he has been blogging and some of the knowledge he has gained in the process.

If you do go for a BBC membership it’s a lifetime one, you get all the courses including  Pinterest,  SEO, Affiliate Marketing, working with Word Press, and Content Creation and a bunch of other courses which he updates on the regular.  I’m a member and I have only Good Stuff to say about the experience so far… 😉  If you are NOT looking to make your blog a business BBC is not for you.  But if you want to change your life and build something that is truly yours get your but on over there and start learning.  You won’t regret it.

Important to remember

No matter how or what you are automating, the process is meant to make your life simpler, not harder.  If it’s getting Overwhelming and Mentally Exhausting just thinking about setting something like this up then drop me a line.  I set up processes and simplify people’s lives every day, we will chat and you will see there can be a light at the end of the tunnel.  And don’t worry, if you don’t want to email in your pins we have other ways of doing it too 🙂 .

Of course, you are always welcome to touch base with me, I’d love to hear how you worked your pinning strategy to make life simpler (with or without Trello), you can reach me by email I do my best to respond to everyone quickly….