Code of Ethics

I blog for entertainment and I don’t really make much money. (Actually at the time I of writing I make exactly NO money. As you will see below I am a positive attitude type person.) I feel it is fair to be compensated for the incredible amount of time I am investing in this blog. I truly hope you enjoy reading, but remember that any and all information found in this blog is strictly for entertainment or general information purposes only. 

My general compass for operation and action can be summed up in the “Golden Rule” of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  But as you are reading this page I’m thinking you would like some more specific details on how I see that standard of ethics.  No matter how you have arrived here either from a recent post, recommendation, give-away or review post here are the specifics I base my Code of Ethics on in blogging.

I never make stuff up.

I will not review any product or service unless I have actually used it personally. Which means Mr./Mrs. PR person, asking me to review or promote your product without me actually using it would be a lie in my books, this goes against my personal Code of Ethics!  So don’t even dream of asking me to promote your product without sending me one. And if you are really confident…send me two and I will do a give-a-way in my review post. Good for you. Good for my readers. Good for your product.

You will only hear about it if it is Good

I don’t like spreading negativity, I save my energy for the good stuff in life.  So if I don’t like a product or service or it’s not up to my standards I just tell the rep and not mention it again.  There is already too much negativity in the world I don’t see the point in adding to it.  If I find I do not like a product/service I will return it to the business if possible

(Note: I will never reimburse companies for the cost of experiences, such as entry into a museum etc.)

Sometimes People Give me Stuff

Ok, not at the time of writing this but I’m working on it.  Like an editor of the recommendation pages of your favorite magazine telling you to try this lipstick or how yellow sandals are a must this season, bloggers are also sent a product in the hopes of it making the ‘review page’.  It’s nothing new in publications. No controversy here …….If I am posting about a product it should be assumed I was given one for free, unless otherwise stated. Sometimes I do buy products/services myself and am so thrilled I want you to know about it. And if I like it? I will tell you. And if I don’t? See number 2.

I use affiliate links.

This means I may get a small commission if you purchase something through the links, banners or ads on this site. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to purchase and it helps me keep this site operating.  I will only ever post things that I value and trust.  All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for your support!

I am the boss-lady here.

While OmegaAssistants rarely (if ever) uses profanity or inappropriate images it still should be known that if your service/product/event is reviewed, you have no control over the content of the post it goes near or the contents of the review. Do not request the reference to drinking cocktails, breastfeeding or another possibly controversial topic out of the post because you are a ‘___fill in the blank here___’ company. OmegaAssistants is a private publication and all editorial controls and copyrights remain with the blog owner (That’s me Charissa). (This applies to advertisements as well placed anywhere on the blog. Same as if you placed an ad in a newspaper, you would have no control over the articles written near your ad also applies to OmegaAssistants.)

Your Cash is no Good Here.

I don’t accept cash for post reviews.  Just feels unethical.  I review based on experience.  SO send me something.  I will let you know what I think.  If I like it, I will let me readers know, and if I don’t – well, I won’t.  

I do however accept cash for NO REAL REASON.  Like if you want to support my new Tablet Fund.  Feel like giving to charity? Let me know and I will send you my PayPal info asap.  (and NO this does not mean you can “contribute for no reason” and expect a glowing review later)

Health or Healing Information.

While I may write posts on the topic of “health” or “healing”, I am absolutely not a doctor, nor do I claim to be giving health or medical advice. Any health or medical related articles found on this site are documentation of my own experiences and not suggestions for you to follow.  Please if you are dealing with a medical situation or concern SEEK THE HELP OF A PROFESSIONAL!  Only they and you can accurately determine what your situation and best option(s) are.

Your Privacy is Important to me! 

(GDPR Compliancy details are available)

Information we collect.

If you sign up for our newsletter, answer polls or surveys we collect information from you and will always keep it confidential.  It may be available to companies that help us run this website but otherwise, it stays with us.  We don’t give out or sell your information to 3rd parties.  And will only use it to improve your experience with us, unless we are required to provide it to law enforcement.

Information others collect

Some of the links on our site will permit you to purchase items or review other websites, they have their own policies so please ensure you check them out.  We are not to be held accountable for someone we can’t control.  Others like some of the ads we use will collect information to improve your experience.

If you want to know what information we have collected from/about you check out our Privacy Tools where you can download it or delete it at any time.  It’s automatic so you don’t have to wait until we do it for you.  Or you can email me and I’ll delete it for you, whichever is easiest for you.


And I NEVER want my readers to feel like I am SELLING them a product.  I want you to feel like a good friend is just letting you know about her experience, sometimes that includes a brand or product. 

You have my word on it.