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This Website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent from a Web server and placed on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie is generally used to enhance your browsing experience by making it more convenient for users to move around this Website. If you choose, they may be used to ‘remember’ your password and make it easier and faster to login to restricted access areas. These types of cookies need to be stored on your computer’s hard drive.

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Cookies used by Omega Assistants, do not give us access to anything on your hard drive and cannot do anything to your computer. Cookies used by Omega Assistants are from third party plugins and are unreadable to anyone except the third party plugin. Omega Assistants uses two types of cookies: session cookies (temporary) or persistent cookies (longer-term continuing use).

  • session cookies may be used to support online feedback and discussion, forms, and registration – they are used only during your online session and expire when you close your browser. Without session cookies, moving around this Website could be slower
  • persistent cookies are different from session cookies because they are stored on your computer’s hard drive for some length of time – they are usually used if you want the site to remember information about your Web preferences such as passwords for automatic login purposes

Further information on cookies can be found at the website of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario: If you wanted to know…What to do about Cookies.

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