Domain(s) and Registration

Domain Selection

You acknowledge and agree that we can not guarantee that you will obtain a desired domain name, even if an inquiry indicates that a domain name is available at the time of your application. 

You represent, to the best of your knowledge and belief, that any domain name(s) registered on your behalf, nor the manner in which you intend to use it, infringes upon the legal or moral rights of a third party.  And that at no time will the registered domain name(s) be used at any time for any unlawful purpose.

Domain Ownership

We acknowledge that you retain all rights, ownership and obligations of the domain name(s) we manage on your behalf.

Domain Access

We will hold your services within one of our own that may or may not be used to hold other accounts. As such you will not have direct access to these accounts including but not limited to DNS servers, hosting files, or other related services.

To update any information in these areas please submit a request through your Client Dashboard or via email.

Domain Transfer

Transfering to Us

To transfer a domain you already own into our services we may request access to your registrar account, we acknowledge and agree to only use this access to facilitate a smooth transfer of the domain(s) you have requested and are not responsible for closing or otherwise updating your account. 

If you currently have another party holding your domain(s) or hosting, you agree and acknowledge that you are responsible for notifying them of the pending transfer and requesting the “Registrar Lock” on the related domain(s) is removed.  We may provide a sample email you may forward to them also granting us the right or opportunity to communicate with them on your behalf.

Transfering Away From Us

You agree and understand that we will place a “Registrar Lock” on your domain name service(s) that will prevent your domain name(s) from being transferred without your authorization, though we are not required to do so.  By allowing your domain name services to stay locked, you provide express objection to any and all transfer requests until the lock is removed.

If at any time you wish to transfer your domain(s) to another service a written request must be received either by registered mail or email.  Within one business day of receipt, we will remove the “Registrar Lock” and acknowledge that the domain may be transferred at your convenience.

The only exception to this being during the period of 30 days immediately after the initial purchase of a new domain, or 30 days after the renewal of an existing domain.

Governing Policies for Transfers

You further agree that the transfer of Dot-ca domain(s) services shall be governed by CIRA’s transfer policy, available at http:/, and that the Non Dot-ca domain(s) transfer will be governed by ICANN’s transfer policy available at

Once your domain name “Registrar Lock” is removed it may take up to 5 business days for the domain to transfer to your account.

Hosted Content Ownership

Unless otherwise stated in another contract with us, any files hosted on your behalf belong to you.

Hosted Content Access

To access and update any files within your account please see your WordPress login details in your Client Portal. 
You agree that we will maintain a separate administrator level access login details to facilitate your services with us and that you will not change, remove or otherwise modify our access account or permision levels.

We also agree that in the event you are unable to access your WordPress account that you may request we “reset” your existing account or set up a new one on your behalf.

Account Contact Information and Privacy

You agree to maintain the following information within your Client Portal:
Contact Name,
Full Mailing Address
Full Billing Address (if different then Mailing)
Phone Number
Fax Number (where applicable)
Email Address

If changes are made to any of the above at any time you agree to send us an email notifying us that a change has been made to your Client Portal.

You agree and consent to us providing the above information to any third party as needed or required by law to maintain your services with us.  This may include but is not limited to:
ICANN – the registry administrator(s) and their related third parties as applicable by law
WHOIS – a domain name lookup system for registered domains

You also agree that we may make publicly available, or directly available to third parties, some of all, of the information you provide for the purposes of inspection or other as required or permitted by applicable laws.

You can access ICANN’s guidelines and requirements regarding WHOIS at

You can access our company Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle and process personal data which may be updated at any time.

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