Reasons to love WordPress

When I first started an online business in 2005 I had no clue what I was doing. And as such relied heavily on the recommendation of my website provider to hook me up with the right content management system (CMS). And for the few years that business was up and running it worked well enough for me but I found it to be not as user-friendly as I hoped.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was working with a proprietary content management system. So when I went to make changes I had to pay for it to be done by someone else. And because I didn’t know any code at the time, I was at the mercy of the web developers I was working with on when and the cost.

So when I came back to blogging and building an online presence I was determined to have more control over my own site. I wanted to be able to do it all and preferably without needing to know any code.

Enter WordPress

If your business it looking at developing a website (existing or new), then part of that process will include choosing how your content will be managed. It can be a big decision and will influence how you and your users will use your website after it launches.

WordPress is the biggest CMS in the world right now powering 33% of all websites. It is a highly accessible website builder and is supported and expanded on by thousands of plugins. It’s also free and easy to install on any site.

The non-techy approach to website building

WordPress is an easy to use CMS mostly because it keeps the content and the visual design (called a theme) of your site separated. Web designers who work with WordPress develop “themes” and the content is added to that software which controls how it is displayed.

Non-web designes can easily install premade themes from a selection of those availabe in WordPress’s free database and start adding content right away with out any reall techy knowledge. Or they can even install one of the many plugins that allow for advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Which alows for drag and drop site design with little to no coding.

So here are my reasons to love WordPress

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is set up in a fairly straightfroward way that makes it pretty intuitive so there is no need to be a tech guru to update pages or add content. A well-developed custom theme will take care of all the formatting and layout. And you keep complete control of your new website with out any additional fees for minor changes down the road.

WordPress is Open Source

Open Source means there is no license to buy, no fees for upgrades and thousands of free (and paid) templates and plugins. Future adaptation is easy, content is portable and search engines love open source CMS.

The other option to an open source CMS is a proprietary CMS (which is what I had on my first ever site in 2005). I don’t recomend proprietary CMS because you are paying someone else to effectively re-design the wheel. On top of that if the company doesn’t have someone with the knowledge of how to do what you want you are now paying for them to learn it.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is written to be light and quick on its feet, and that makes search engines happy. While I wouldn’t say any CMS is truly search engine optimized, WordPress is definitely search engine friendly. And there are tones of great plugins that help with the optimization tasks.

WordPress has a very driven Community

There are tonnes of free tutorials, demos, plugins, extensions and tools available to help you get the most out of your website. Why? Because of the huge community of WordPress developers who are dedicated to improving the platform. Need a new feature? There is likely a free plugin for it.

WordPress is Social

From the creators of WordPress to your social network of choice, it’s now easier then ever to link your site to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LInkedin, Pinterest and more. Allowing you to share your new posts with your audience faster and automatically across multiple channels.

WordPress is Powerful

Import/Export, comments, subscriptions, sharing, selling and SO MUCH MORE! WordPress can help you dominate each aspect of building your site. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of Website management, and a customizable one when you add in all those plugins. There is very little that WordPress can’t do making it an awesome tool for small businesses and online retailers not to meantion bloggers.

WordPress is Secure

Have you ever turned off your lights and left your front door wide open hoping that burglers wouldn’t notice? Yes, because WordPress is so big it gets attention from questionable people. But it’s also well known for pushing frequent updates and fixes any bugs or security holes that are found. Choosing a smaller platform because it attracts less attention from hackers still leaves your front door open.

Oh, and there are some great security plugins that are FREE with WordPress that we use with each installation on TOP of WordPress’s already secure system.

No one does it better

You won’t find a more flexible, secure or powerful CMS than WordPress. I think it’s the right choice for everyone from bloggers to big business and should be the foundation of your next website. WordPress after all powers this and all the other beautiful sites I’ve helped to build for my clients.