How to set up Pinterest Boards in Trello

If you are following along with my Pinning from Trello series one of the key aspects is that we use the Pinterest Board ID’s to pin. And that means we need to FIND the Pinterest board ID’s in the first place.

Finding the Pinterest Board ID

The easy way to do that is to go to your Pinterest profile and open one of the boards, then copy the URL and paste it into the Board ID finder at this link built specifically for Finding a Pinterest Board ID.

A couple of things to note, if you are in a different country then the US you will need to change the URL to read “.com” instead of the “.ca” (like I get) or any other ending then “.com”. Then click “Get Board ID”. It will look like this after. Just copy the number in the blue box and head on over to your Trello Board.

Adding Automation in Trello for Pinterest Pinning.

Ok, now that we have our Pinterest Board ID lets get into our Pinterest Trello Board. If you don’t already have my Template board you can snag a copy of it

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The next step is to set up a new Trello List for the Pinterest Board you will be pinning to. I like to name these “Topic – Board ID” so I can keep things clear in my head, but anything will work.

For my example I’m using my Trello Pinterest Board btw, so I’ve created a list named “Trello – 635148422386899206” but anything you want to name it will work. Just make sure it makes sense to you.

Now open your Trello menu by clicking on “Show Menu” in the top right corner, then “More”, then “Labels”. From here you can edit any of the pre-set labels or add a new one. The big thing here is you want a label that is ONLY the Pinterest Board ID, doesn’t matter what color just make the text ONLY the Pinterest board ID.

Once you’ve done that you can close out the menu and click on the word “Butler” in the top right corner (beside the “Show Menu”), then select “Rules” and the Green “+ Add Rule” You should be in a screen that looks like this.

in the Greyed out section that says “List name” select the list you just created (so for mine it’s the “Trello – 635148422386899206” list) then hit the “+” sign directly on the right of that line.

On the next screen select the “+-” tab then in the first option select the label you just created & click the “+” directly to the right of that.

Then click the green “Save” button to activate your automation. And you are done.

repeate as needed for any boards you are going to be pinning to.

Notes and Cautions

This aspect of the system is not meant to handle pinning to 100+ Pinterest boards, for stuff like that I would highly recommend checking out pin schedulers like Tailwind. Your board will get very full very quickly if you try and set up all your Pinterest boards in one trello board.

Alternately you could also set up separate Trello boards for each “category” of Pinterest Board or group Pinterest boards by topic.

If you are using this to label pins that are complete (ie have links, description, and pin art) only then after the above settings also add another action in the section that has 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions use the first option “Move the card to” and select the list “Ready to Pin”. It will look like this

Final Instructions

So as you continue to use this board it will fill up with all the pins that you send out, so I would recomend setting up a scheduled “archive” of everything at least once a month.

To do that, go to the Butler Powerup and click on “Calendar” then “+ Add Command”

As Butler re-sets it’s action count every Monday I always set my Archiving to Monday Morning, so in the “Select a Schedule” add the “every monday” and if you prefer your can click the clock to set a time before clicking the “+” button.

Then in the 2 arrow section scroll down to where it says “archive all the cards in list” and select the lists you know will accumulate a lot of cards. On this board we want “Pin this Now” selected. then hit “+” and save.

This will make sure your boards don’t get over whelmed with all the pins you will be sending out.

If you want the Trello board template I have already set up

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