Setting up your custom domain email address

Your custom email can be set up using third-party email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla thunderbird on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. While you can use either IMAP or POP settings Omega Assistants recommends using IMAP to help keep your account synced across any device it is on.

The IMAP settings enable you to delete unneeded emails from your phone and have your computer or webmail delete them as well. If you use the POP settings please be aware that any items deleted on your phone will also need to be deleted on your computer and in the webmail application as well. This can lead to a full mailbox a lot faster than using the IMAP settings.

Getting Started

We recommend confirming that your email and password works by logging into the webmail portal here. If you have not yet, update your password before proceeding.

Once you have confirmed your login works then head to your favorite email application’s settings. Details for popular email clients are below. If your preferred email client is not listed please let us know so we can add their information.

Mail Server Settings

Incoming mail
Outgoing mail
UsernameFull email addressFull email address
Incoming port993995
Outgoing port465465
Encryption settingsSSL/TLSSSL/TLS

Instructions for popular email clients

As a courtesy, we have provided links to the most popular third-party email client products. We also provide support for setting these up for you, or you can reach out to their support links which are also provided.

Mail Client
Apple mail – MacMailApple mailApple support
iOS mobile – iPhone and iPadiPhone and iPadApple support
Gmail for desktopGmail sending
Gmail receiving
Google Gmail support
Outlook for desktopMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft support
Samsung mobile for desktopSamsungSamsung support
Thunderbird for desktopThunderbirdMozilla support
Windows 10 mail for desktopWindows 10 mailMicrosoft support